The ACT Energy Healing Centre

The Energy Healing Centre is located in McKellar, Canberra.

Please ring Sue on 0403 145 976 to organise an appointment.

Sue Oliver is committed to energy healing using an extensive range of therapies.

Therapies available include:

  • BodyTalk
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Aura Soma Chakra Massage
  • Quantum Touch
  • Reiki
  • Tension, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
  • Access Consciousness
  • Energetic Facelift
  • Tutoring for children having difficuty with learning to read and write.

Each person has a unique set of life experiences and those experiences are stored in the body. Symptoms arise as a result of our experiences, particularly if they have been stressful or traumatic. Sue works with your body to balance whatever is causing your body distress, allowing it to return to balance. Each session lasts for up to an hour. Clients are fully clothed and the BodyTalk 'yes' or 'no' system is used to allow the body to dictate what the priorities are in each session. War Veterans, Trauma Release can help you release the symptoms of PTSD. Read Laurie's testimonial below to understand the dramatic results that are possible.

Laurie Drake’s Testimonial:

I wholeheartedly recommend Sue Oliver's trauma release workshop and services. 

I acquired posttraumatic stress as a result of war experiences in 1968-69. Decades of mainstream and alternative treatments reduced the dramatic symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares, but in 2016 I was still sleeping poorly, severely depressed, hypervigilant, emotionally numb, and experiencing panic attacks. 

Several sessions with Sue laid a foundation, and at the TRE workshop she facilitated in March, there was a major breakthrough. One follow-up session a few weeks later released my remaining symptoms. 

In the eight months since, I have felt buoyant, energised and at peace, enjoying a quality of sleep I could previously not imagine. At last, I feel free.

I have since suggested her services to a number of people living with PTSD.


Laurie Drake

Rivett, ACT.


What's New! '


2017- what does the year hold for you?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in old thinking, stuck in the past or being stuck worrying about the future? Is it time to change your life?

Trauma Release and Habits of Mind is the workshop for you!

Sue Oliver holds one day workshops guaranteed to help you change the way you think and release old patterns of behaviour and thinking. Contact Sue if you would like to attend a workshop.  Sue is happy to facilitate TRE workshops for groups or business organisations. People experiencing high levels of daily stress respond well to TRE. The next workshop is being held in Canberra on Saturday July 1st, 10am-4pm.

2017 Bali Healing Retreat. Sue is taking a small group of women to a beautiful retreat centre in Bali for a week of relaxation and healing. There is only one place left! Contact Sue if Bali is calling you.