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Hi, my name is Sue Oliver.

I have been a holistic Energy Healing specialist since 2004.

I began working as a Bowen Therapist and quickly realised that many of the clients I was seeing had physical symptoms that were actually emotionally based. That led me to BodyTalk, a modality that allowed me to work with the body and balance what the intelligence of the body determined was a priority for the client I was working with. I no longer needed to decide what was needed- the body could tell me, which meant my sessions were no longer dictated by me but my client’s body. I have continued working with BodyTalk since 2005 as my way of engaging with a person’s body but also incorporate many other techniques which a client’s body can choose from.

Relax and unwind with an ‘Energy Healing Session’ or come along to a Trauma Release or Access Consciousness® The Bars® workshop. If Bali is calling you……I facilitate a ‘Women’s Healing Retreat’ in Bali each year.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Sue Oliver

Sue Oliver

Sue is a marvelous kind professional who runs informative workshops. Her work with people suffering using TRE is eye opening.
The retreat that she organised in Bali was full of healing, friendship and laughter.
Give her a call!!

Anne Glavimans

I started seeing Sue about 10 years ago. Using BodyTalk and other modalities I have resolved anger and resentment and I now have a more joyful, peaceful and purposeful life. Thanks for all you have done for me Sue over the years. Recently, I had my first energetic facelift and I love the results.

Andrea Myburgh

Thank you for the TRE workshop since doing it I feel so much calmer and centered! To the point that when I was doing meditation and qigong yesterday I actually felt centered when I closed my eyes, for a long time when I closed my eyes it felt as if I was sitting to the right of my spine/body but now I’m centered! I feel taller too! I also went for a mountain bike ride yesterday and this overwhelming sense of calmness that I’ve never felt, Ive always felt I needed to go faster and faster but yesterday and pace was a good pace, even slow!  I feel that it was a truly live changing workshop for me, thank you!


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