The Women’s Healing Retreat Bali

Is Bali calling you?

Are you looking for an experience that allows you to relax emotionally and physically and at the same time helps you to delve into your spiritual being?

Bali will offer you a rich opportunity to connect with yourself and other women on the same journey. To bathe in the natural beauty of Bali and take time out from your life to experience a life changing experience.

Imagine a place so green and rich from nature’s creation the only noises you hear are exotic birds and butterflies, the views you see are of tropical forests, mountains and sea, where the healing foods you eat are grown organically in your garden, a place where your every need is met with a smile, where you are cared for day and night with traditional healing massages, morning yoga to relax the body and evening meditation to calm the mind, imagine a place as beautiful as this where you are offered daily inspirations to live a more healthy, more harmonious way of life. Imagine this place in the heart centre of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world… Imagine being in Bali, imagine being a part of a group of women coming together to relax and unite.


Is Bali calling you? The next retreat will be held in August 2020.

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I had a wonderful time, loved everything we did. I feel a lot more energetic and physically and mentally stronger and a whole lot lighter and calmer!

Thank you Sue for the experience, it was awesome!

Carole Cawse

Bagus Jati is the perfect location for a retreat. A truly wonderful time in a magical place. Loved everything about it.

Deidre Hamer

I loved the Pyramids of Chi.

Kay Pringle

I really enjoyed the Cantika Spa workshop and facial. The Pyramids of Chi were absolutely amazing.

Anne Glavimans

I loved it all …….. best holiday ever!

Chris Treadwell

I had a great time, the benefits will show up later.

Andrea Myburgh

Thank you Sue for organising a wonderful healing retreat. Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing Resort is an idyllic location and the activities are great. The traditional Balinese Melukat water purification ceremony was my highlight. I would highly recommend this trip.

Carrie Walters

I enjoyed my retreat once again. The benefits were good from all the exercise (mind and body) and pampering. A bit longer would be nice!

Chris Treadwell

Thank you to Sue for a beautifully planned retreat in a far away place, in a delightfully comfortable setting — spiritual, natural, quiet and nurturing.   I enjoyed all the program, both within Bagus Jati and excursions we took outside for cultural, pampering and spiritual experiences.

It was exciting, for me, to visit Indonesia for the first time. Our nearness to the great volcano, Mount Agung, made me determined to see it.  With an intention each day, it finally revealed its dormant self to us on our last day!

Some of the decisions I made by the end of the retreat are to work on a long neglected health issue, to live without fear and to use Sue’s recommended response to busy, negative thoughts.

Caroline Ross-Smith

The Women’s Healing Retreat 2018 Ubud, Bali

This retreat was unique with its offering of cultural and spiritual experiences. Words can’t express all the wonderful things I have experienced and the many gifts I have taken away from these experiences during the 7 day Women’s healing retreat in Ubud, Bali. The retreat offered so much from the amazing tranquil destination of Ubud, 5 star accommodation of Bagus Jatti, pampering, relaxation, connection with self and other women, love, joy, fun, realization, healthy food, exercise, mindfulness, nature walks, local traditions, culture and healing. The whole experience has been a stimulation of the senses and music to my ears.

My favourite activities included learning about the natural healing ability of herbs and plants. How to use them in making nourishing lotions and healing remedies. Visiting temples and partaking in traditional ceremonies especially the water purification ceremony, sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi, expect the unexpected and  working with Sue in learning the Trauma release exercises to clear the body of stress and past traumatic events, that have been stored in the body and unconscious mind. This is gentle way to free up space and clear the body in readiness for new experiences and freedom.

Sue, Thank you for your wisdom and all you have done in making the time here in Ubud,Bali a rich and memorable experience. Your kindness, compassion, understanding, support and non-judgmental nature assisted me in delving deeper into my soul. You held a beautiful, sacred safe space in which I felt safe enough to release stored trauma from the past this in turn has helped me to become more whole in mind, body and spirit. It’s been a journey to the heart.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Helen Griffiths

Helen Griffiths

Bail was an amazing, life changing experience for me, I was really able to come to life. I would whole-heartily recommend the retreat to anyone who is looking to heal themselves or invite positive changes into their life. My life has been changing for the better every day since I have been back. It’s all thanks to spending time with Sue, the beautiful surroundings, the well considered activities and the other like- minded ladies.



Sue’s healing retreat provided many new opportunities for my soul, body and mind to heal. So many experiences that have and will continue to support me through life’s journey and especially now as a busy working mother. Thank you, I will be eternally grateful to you for providing this experience! AMAZING!


My time at Bagus Jati on the Women’s Healing retreat with Sue was the most amazing healing time. Sue has a special way of holding a scared, safe space, which allows for deep healing and profound transformation to take place. I have shifted from stressed out and anxious to feeling blissfully calm and light from releasing deep trauma that I wasn’t even aware I was holding onto.

Thank you Sue! You’re amazing!