Tension, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

Every trauma we experience affects the physical body. Our body holds the memory of everything we have experienced and so to heal the effects of trauma we need to release that trauma out of the body.

The Trauma Release Exercises allow the body to release tension patterns that were created as part of the body's defence to protect itself from death or harm (eg. car accident). It is essential to release the tension patterns created during a traumatic experience as they can lead to a range of symptoms in the body such as digestive problem, insomnia, nervous system problems, skeletal problems as well as emotional issues.

Are you suffering from PTSD? Ex military personnel as well as current serving military personnel, please take the time to experince the Trauma Release Exercises. They will unlock the trauma stuck in your body that talking to a psycholigist will never do. Please read the following testimonial of Laurie, a Vietnam War Veteran. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning something new.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sue Oliver's trauma release workshop and services. 

I acquired posttraumatic stress as a result of war experiences in 1968-69. Decades of mainstream and alternative treatments reduced the dramatic symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares, but in 2016 I was still sleeping poorly, severely depressed, hypervigilant, emotionally numb, and experiencing panic attacks. 

Several sessions with Sue laid a foundation, and at the TRE workshop she facilitated in March, there was a major breakthrough. One follow-up session a few weeks later released my remaining symptoms. 

In the eight months since, I have felt buoyant, energised and at peace, enjoying a quality of sleep I could previously not imagine. At last, I feel free.

I have since suggested her services to a number of people living with PTSD.


Laurie Drake

Rivett, ACT.

Sue is a qualified practitioner of Tension, Trauma Release Exercises Contact Sue on 0403 145 976 if you would like to experience a Trauma Release session or attend a workshop.


Trauma Release Workshop held 18/1/14 Canberra

Sue was an amazing facilitator. She held a safe place for each of us to learn the release exercises and receive the benefits. This was without a doubt a life changing day. (Ruth Canberra 18/1/14)

 I have known Sue Oliver for a few years now and she has helped me in many ways to heal from various traumas. The Trauma Release workshop was the most life changing experience for me. I felt a complete sense of peace and calm after experiencing an incredible release and have been able to put this into practice in my every day life. Sue has always provided me with a nurturing environment and her own sense of peace makes it so much easier to open up and relax around her. (Cathy Silver 18/1/14)

Life saving and life changing comes to mind.

Kind, accepting, nurturing and wise teacher and therapist.

Given me wonderful tools and awareness to positively change my life.

A sense of being able to recognise the extremely strong connection between the mind and the physical body.

Thank you Thank you Thank you (Marnie Wallis 18/1/14)

The workshop today has exceeded my expectations in learning about how traumas have left sub-conscious imprints and memories in my body and been stored in my muscles.

Sue showed how those can be released and freed. She is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate and has enabled me to have insights and understanding and techniques to help myself release tensions. (Janet Pearce 18/1/14)

Sue's course was full of explanations and guidance on a range of useful self improvement 'tools' that all combined leads to a happier, healthier person.

Understanding of what we were learning was so helpful in a safe and  kind enevironment.

I can recommned Sue as her teachings and sessions  leads to a positive impact on our journey through life! Many Thanks (Gail Hindmarsh 18/1/14)

Sue's Trauma Release workshop was an integral part of my physical and emotional healing journey. She created a safe environment and was very respectful and caring towards all of the participants. The workshop also included a beautiful relaxing chakra balancing meditation.

I would recommend this workshop to anybody seeking healing and improvement in any area of their life. (Catherine 18/1/14)

I would like to thank Sue from the bottom of my heart for offering the TRE workshop last weekend.
The experience of TRE is amazing and I can highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they need any kind of healing, whether it's a health issue, stress and anxiety, or just feeling stuck and not being able to move forward with life. I never thought something like this could make such a difference, but after years of suffering from a whole range of problems, I feel like I can think much more clearly and my body seems to know now that it has a way to release old 'stuff' that was preventing me from improving my health and my life.
I was a bit apprehensive when I first arrived at the workshop, not really knowing what to expect with TRE. I needn't have worried. Sue is a knowledgeable and caring teacher, and makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. She explains everything with clarity and has a way of making it easy for people to put theory into practice. Whenever anyone has questions or feels doubtful or anxious, Sue is able to provide reassurance with her explanations.
It was also helpful to have the other people in the group to talk to about what we were being taught during the workshop. Because we were learning something new, and we each had our own individual challenges to work with, it was comforting to relate to what each other was experiencing and learning on the day. During the day, Sue gently facilitated some of our group discussions, which helped put us more at ease.
In the few days that I've been using the TRE techniques that Sue showed us in the workshop, I've begun to notice a positive difference in how I feel. I certainly want to continue using TRE to help me improve my life, given how beneficial it seems to be.
If you are someone who is contemplating doing a TRE workshop with Sue but you are unsure whether or not to do it, I hope you take the opportunity. You won't regret it.  If you get out of it what I did, then you will find that it will be a life-changing experience on many levels. Sue is an amazing facilitator and she will teach you something you can do to help yourself heal and overcome some of the challenges that have been holding you back.
Jo Woodbury. 29/3/14

The TRE workshop was excellent. Sue creates a very positive and encouraging atmosphere and teaches the exercisies clearly and well. Leonie, Canberra 29/3/14