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Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?

The first class in Access Consciousness is The Bars® There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. It’s like hitting the delete button on your computer. All of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you stuck, that keep you repeating the same patterns in your life over and over again, are released.

Learning the consciousness bars is simple and effective, the tools facilitate people of all ages and backgrounds to help remove limitations holding them back from the freedom to live and create a life they truly desire.

Thousands of people have used the Access Bars to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

When you choose to change or choose something greater, the world is invited to that change and choice too. It’s how you, being you, can truly change the world.

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I am no longer teaching Access Consciousness workshops.


If you’d like to attend an Access Consciousness Bars workshop go to to find a workshop near you.

Sue’s Bars class was a wonderful discovery and a great addition to my energy healing work. Sue created an open and safe environment to learn, practice and discover.


Really enjoyable day, learning the Bars with Sue. Great facilitation. Thank you.


Thank you Sue, for your time and gentle and kind energy throughout the workshop.


During the whole workshop I felt safe, tranquil and open to healing. Sue is sensitive and empathetic to all learners. I will definitely continue along this healing path and will enjoy using the Bars with the family.


I can’t wait to work energetically with people to help the physical and emotional healing.

It was a safe, small group to be able to give and receive the Bars.


I tripped on an uneven ground in Woden about 2 and a half years back. The sole of my right foot between third and fourth toe was hurting. But I thought it was just a sprain and it will go away. But it did not. It got worse. I went to massage therapist, acupuncture, Chinese message, Thai message, and tried energy orthotics. After wearing orthotics for about a year, I thought it got cured. But if I don’t use it, it came back again. It got worse if I wear dress shoes with high heels. I thought I will have to live with it.

But in yesterday’s session, the first time I was receiving, I felt the energy flow through my right leg and pushing gently on my right sole on the exact location where I experienced pain. The energy then turned to a pleasant warmth. I knew it then something’s happening there. I felt the same when I received it second time but not as intense. I am so happy it’s totally gone after two and a half years. Thank you Access Consciousness.

At yesterday’s sessions I’ve been noticing loud gurgling sounds in my abdomen. When I went to see the chinese doctor/acupuncturist for my foot, he said I have a bit of bloating. I didn’t think I had it because my bowel function was regular. But when he put some needles and moxibustion (Chinese herbs) I started having these sounds which I haven’t heard for years. But after the completion of Chinese treatment, it went sluggish again. I would hear faintly occasionally.

But during those sessions yesterday I heard them loud and clear. And this morning, as soon as I started the energy pull on my self, it started happening. I ran few bars on myself. All throughout I could feel and hear them. I can conclude that my bowels are not sluggish anymore.


An experience which has been a wonderful beginning of a journey to access consciousness. To feel grounded and lighter at the same time is marvellous.


Thanks Sue, started the day feeling good, finished feeling even better – lighter.

Sue is kind, gentle and encouraging in her approach to teaching. Feeling lighter!


I thoroughly enjoyed the Bars class. Sue was so welcoming and warm. It was a great day of learning and experiencing Access Consciousness Bars. My highlight was giving and receiving the Bars.

Tamworth particpant

My highlight was learning the Access Bars. It is another great healing method I can use.

Tamworth Particpant

Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful workshop. I can see myself using this in everyday life and to support those around me.

Tamworth Participant

It was a great day. Very empowering!

Tamworth Participant

It was the best working with everyone!

Gabrielle 9 years old

I really liked learning how to do the bars, it was lots of fun playing with the dogs. Sue is the best teacher in the whole world.

Mikaela 7 years old

My highlight was giving and receiving the bars. It was a beautiful atmosphere and Sue facilitated the session with a sense of openness and love. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.


I really enjoyed learning the Bars, it was great for relaxation.


My highlight was my massive heart shift. It was a privilege to be able to be taught by Sue and to share the emotions of the day.


My highlight was releasing of emotional energy I hadn’t realised was blocked. Sue is a delightful facilitator. I look forward to doing another with her. I highly recommend Sue’s workshops.


I enjoyed reconnecting with Sue. Had a very relaxing day revising the Bars,


Sue is a born teacher and presents the class in a very peaceful, real way which paves the way to sound and interesting learning.


Really enjoyed the space to explore and the teaching style of Sue. Highly recommended.


Running the bars removed pain in a number of areas. I feel relaxed and at peace.

Canberra Participant

My highlight from the workshop is that I can now help my family to relax. I felt really relaxed after the session. Thank you for helping me. (7 year old child)

Canberra Participant

I realized revision is essential. My grandson came with me, he is 7, he was very enlightened and very cute learning the bars.

Canberra Participant

I had pain in my head before the workshop and it has improved.

Canberra Participant

This is an incredible process that moves you into a whole new dimension.

Carole Griffiths

Had a great, fun day with Sue. I learnt a lot of technques to help me relax and regain new energy. I recommend the Bars if you are feeling stuck.

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