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Empowering you to be all you can be!

‘Empowering you to be all you can be!’

We all have our own unique story that dictates the way we behave in our lives. My belief is that our life’s purpose is to rise above our story and become aware of when we are coming out of ‘inner stillness’ and behaving in ways that ‘our story’ dictates and then we can be of service to humanity..

How do we determine what our story is? Until we become aware that we actually have our own unique story we are on auto pilot driven by our unconscious drivers, that we picked up along our journey of life but especially in place by the time we reached age seven.

As an adult, our inner child dictates our behaviour, until we realise that we have been running on auto pilot. Becoming aware of the story sets us free because even though we will always have our story of ‘not being good enough’, ‘never fitting in’, being a failure’ and so on we will  always be behaving in a way that allows that story to create our reality. For instance, if you have ‘I’m not good enough’ as your story, you will behave in two possible ways –you might withdraw, suffer depression, stop trying to change your situation, feel guilt, pull out of things you start, feel like a victim, give up and so on or you might go the other way by unconsciously trying to prove how good you are by being a workaholic, hating criticism, being a people pleaser to the point you are exhausted, forget how to ever relax, never be truly intimate with a partner and so on. They are two sides of the same story, one creates one type of behaviour and the other the opposite, just like a children’s seesaw –up or down but never in balance.

The great news is that once you uncover your story and how you have been playing it out in your life you can rise above it and use awareness to observe yourself and know when your story is ‘pushing your buttons’ and putting that seven year old back in the driver’s seat.

The emotional pain we experience in our lives can be greatly reduced when we uncover ‘our story’. We can stop creating the dis-ease (defined as not at ease) we have been unconsciously creating through creating pain caused by running our story and instead create health (defined as wholeness )and become aware of the infinite human being we are and in that state enjoy ease and health within our emotional, physical and spiritual being.

Sue Oliver

Libby Rose Griffin’s Blog Your story……….

Past trauma can paralyse you from moving forward in your life! You can set yourself free!

Past trauma can paralyse you from moving forward in your life!

You can set yourself free!

Our bodies have an instinctive way of dealing with trauma – our body’s priority is to survive whatever is happening. The moment we feel threatened our psoas muscle (the muscle that connects the upper body to the lower body) will react instinctively wanting to pull us into a ball to resist attack and protect the underbelly of the body. It will also create the energy needed to flee the situation, the problem is unlike animals that release trauma quickly through a shaking response, and energy is created but not released. We as humans need help to rebalance the body and mind after a single traumatic event.

The energy stored in the body has an impact on the physical body which is mirrored in the mind. No amount of talking- the traditional method of working with someone with trauma is going to shift the energy. The body needs to release it.

I have been facilitating Trauma Release Exercises workshops for the last six years and know that it is a technique that can help everyone because we all experience trauma at some point in our lives. Where I see the Trauma Release exercises having a huge impact is to introduce it into the Defence Services and first responders groups such as the Fire and Rescue Services and Ambulance

My view is that Trauma Release Exercises are a tool that can be learnt and used on a daily basis for people in professions that experience traumatic events regularly. Soldiers could be taught how to do the exercises and have the exercises as part of their daily routine. This would prevent many soldiers coming home and feeling disconnected from their families. Something that they can’t control and has been a result of surviving something horrific.

First responders could also employ the Trauma Release Exercises to quickly release the energy created in a traumatic situation and return their body to balance.

I regularly facilitate Trauma Release Exercise workshops and would love to invite you to attend the next one.

Sue Oliver

Finding Healing in Nature

Photo by Jay Mantri on Unsplash

Finding Healing in Nature

In our fast-paced lives we are pushed and pulled in a thousand different directions each and every day. Our jobs, spouses, parents, friends and children engulf our existence making it virtually impossible to find the time and space to practice any kind of spirituality.  Without the presence of spirituality in our lives we become weaker beings, falling victim to illness and failure. We need to allow ourselves to be present in the here and now and where we are in life, committing both to our responsibilities and our own well-being. We need to make the time to be kind to ourselves, letting go of all guilt and allowing ourselves to heal and enjoy a meaningful internal life.

Nature is a powerful healing force and by finding time each day to direct attention towards our senses within the context of the 5 great elements known in Sanskrit as the mahabhutas, we will be able to appreciate our lives more fully.  Since our mind-body system is a closely-fused, inseparable manifestation of nature, paying attention and acknowledging appreciation for the experience allows healing and balance to our beings. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of our health and well-being are all healed and rejuvenated by nature. By awakening your spirituality and reconnecting with nature, you open your being up to advances restoration and healing.

Establish a practice of meditation

By quieting the intellect, mind and ego to a state of restful awareness you will be able to enter the realm of your soul, far beyond all thought and form. As your meditation practice advances, your level of consciousness will enlarge and you will have a heuristic knowing that you are one with the universe.

Consciously awaken every day

Practise both opening your eyes as well as your other senses. Imagine that you are from another world and that you are sensing everything for the very first time.  As you practice being a silent observer you are bound to experience things, both internally and externally, that you have never even noticed before.

Spend time in nature

Attempt a walking meditation, moving as mindfully as possible and taking in everything about your surroundings. Visualize yourself being healed and belief it with your entire being.  If you are unable to go outside, get into a comfortable position, gently close your eyes and consciously visualize yourself walking in a glorious natural environment. Regardless of whether you are in nature or just visualizing it, be sure to become aware of every sense while focussing attention on each of the 5 elements.  Take your time to contemplate each of your senses in a similar fashion, Imagine seeing the sunlight reflecting off the water’s surface. Smell the pine needles in the woods and hear the chirping of birds in a far-away tree.


Take some time to write down your feelings and ideas that came to mind after the previous exercise. Journaling has been found to be extremely useful with regards to the healing process as it affords us the opportunity to clarify our thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Observe the healing effects the practice has on yourself, your community and even the planet. Ayurveda has taught us that we are compiled out of three bodies. Our physical body is made up out of the environment, our personal body and the energy of life. The subtle body comprises the mind, ego and intellect and the casual body is composed of the personal, collective and universal soul. All the elements of our being are constantly interacting with other practices of the universe that promotes a healing extend well beyond us to others in our environment.