Trauma Release Workshops

“What a gift this TRE workshop was. The exercises were gentle and easy to follow and the small group really worked for me. Sue helped me through my initial nervousness and nausea and guided me through to ‘beautiful’ tremoring. Sue’s amazing knowledge of body work helped us through any blocks we had and made it an enjoyable experience for all. Having the three sessions helped me talk through and then release emotional stuff that came up at home. I really valued having this follow up as more things surfaced. I would recommend Sue’s TRE workshop to everyone!

Anne Wardrop

I have had the most amazing benefits from TRE, including better and deeper sleep, feeling more relaxed and peaceful, having less body aches and pains, and feeling more contented. I am very grateful for this wonderful process. Thanks you Sue! And thank you David! It feels like my prayers are finally completely answered.


Thank you for taking the time to run the TRE workshops.  I had no expectations, nor did I feel the desire to have anything ‘fixed’.  The exercises were explained and ran through very thoroughly, and I can say I am having some very profound experiences.  Without of having any huge reactions, I can say I have some very deep muscle reactions, which have lasted a week.  These are particularly strong in the middle of the night.  My dreams are more vivid, and to be honest, I’m still allowing it to piece it self all together.

I must say, without question, it is the greatest and easiest healing process I have ever been involved in.


I am really grateful to you for sharing your knowledge about TRE. I found it to be a very powerful yet simple tool in trauma release and stress management. I am not good at meditating and find techniques that involve mental discipline too hard. This technique works for me because my brain doesn’t get in the way! After I have shaken I feel as if I’ve just had a good run or even as though I have taken something chemical to calm myself down. I feel quite altered in a very good way. The reason I did the course was to try to find a way to help my three year old daughter Maggie who suffers from nightly terrors, we think as a result of birth trauma. I surrogated for Maggie during one session and felt as though I experienced her birth myself. Maggie has not had any night terrors since that session – it has been 4 nights. I really hope it stays that way but that is already a huge change for us as we’ve never had more than one night’s full sleep in a row. TRE makes sense to me in a scientific way, but also seems to have extra mystical components that I don’t understand and don’t need to. THANK YOU for this gift.

Peta Kay

I have already recommended TRE to one person, who is keen to participate in a future course, especially when I mentioned the fact that she would be trained in how to perform the exercises herself at home, monitor and modify her body’s responses, and calmly and confidently allow her body to express whatever trauma it had stored. Thank you Sue for empowering us in your inimitable way.


I feel like I have had so many shifts, I feel I have more self confidence and belief in myself then I have had in a long time, I always thought I was fairly relaxed but I am feeling so calm, relaxed and at peace it is amazing 🙂 I want to always remember this feeling and this is how I want to always feel.  I now feel like I have learned this amazing tool that can help me to always feel like this 🙂 so thank you 🙂

I feel I have released so much, and now know that it is ok to let it go.  One huge thing for me was going through when I almost drowned, I know that has always been sitting there, when I tell the story I tell it as a funny story (I now know this was my way of covering the real emotions and feelings around what happened), but deep down I always knew that it had affected me, to be able to release something I have been carrying around for so long within a few deep breaths is amazing.  So I want to thank you again for helping me feel safe and guiding me through it.


The highlight for me was moving through emotional issues I didn’t know were holding me back. This was a very peaceful way of getting rid of stored emotion.

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

The highlight for me was being able to let go. Sue is very good at what she does.

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

The highlight for me was understanding the connection of the psoas muscle to trauma. The workshop was well presented and ran in an easily understandable sequence.

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

My highlight was finding the means to a change in my life for the better.

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

My highlight was understanding the body tremors that we experienced. I enjoyed being able to let go!

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

The highlight for me was connecting to my body. Sue was beautiful and kind. She was so gentle as my body released. I felt safe as my body processed so much. Thank you.

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

My highlight was taking the time to listen to my body letting go and releasing so much emotion!

Tamworth Participant 22/6/18

I’m feeling safe and I’m thinking clearer. Sue you are so good at what you do! Thank you!

Workshop participant

Trauma Release Exercises Workshop

The next workshop will be held on:

Sunday May 23rd 2021 at the Energy Healing Centre.

The cost is $180 for the day. Time: 10am-4pm.

If you are interested, contact Sue on 0403 145 976.


I wholeheartedly recommend Sue Oliver’s trauma release workshop and services. 

I acquired posttraumatic stress as a result of war experiences in 1968-69. Decades of mainstream and alternative treatments reduced the dramatic symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares, but in 2016 I was still sleeping poorly, severely depressed, hypervigilant, emotionally numb, and experiencing panic attacks. 

Several sessions with Sue laid a foundation, and at the TRE workshop she facilitated in March, there was a major breakthrough. One follow-up session a few weeks later released my remaining symptoms. 

In the eight months since, I have felt buoyant, energised and at peace, enjoying a quality of sleep I could previously not imagine. At last, I feel free.

I have since suggested her services to a number of people living with PTSD.


Laurie Drake

Rivett, ACT.

Attention Soldiers!

Do you suffer from depression, hyper-vigilance, anger outbursts, feelings of overwhelm, flashbacks and nightmares, poor sleep, feeling emotionally numb,  experiencing panic attacks?

The Trauma Release Exercises are easy to learn and can be used any time. The best thing is you don’t have to relive anything by talking about it -your body will know what to do, it just needs a way to release the stored energy which is showing up as the symptoms you are experiencing.