sue oliver

Hi, I am Sue Oliver and I work with your body to ease and release emotional and physical issues.

It all started when I was invited to do a Bowen Therapy course back in 2003. I didn’t even know what it was but decided to learn it. It changed my life. In 2005, I left teaching and started my own business working with clients using the Bowen Technique. In the first year, I realised that clients were coming to me with physical issues that had emotional issues connected to them.

I decided I needed a way to work with the consciousness of the body and to let it tell me what the problem was and so I found a wonderful modality called BodyTalk. I couldn’t be the same therapist anymore. The client’s bodies knew what the issue was I just had to listen and do what was needed.

As client’s issues have evolved and changed I have also evolved and changed learning techniques and therapies so that can treat clients with a huge range of issues including PTSD, migraines, back issues, weight problems, anxiety, depression and many more. I work with adults and children.

My mission and passion, is to help clients be all they can be and release the blocks that are causing mental, emotional or physical pain.