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Sue is currently located in Canberra ACT and
offers in-person and online appointments.

Thank you, Sue.

sue oliver
Sue Oliver is a Master Healer.
She has been working in the Energy Healing field since 2002.
Imagine not feeling anxious, overwhelmed or depressed!
Energy healing can help you live the life you yearn for!
Does overwhelm and anxiety make you feel like life is as hard as climbing Mt Everest?
Energy healing can give you energy and inspiration for living life!

Do you have PTSD? Imagine having your body and mind back in balance.  Energy healing with Sue can clear your symptoms.

Imagine pain being a thing of the past! Energy healing can make your pain a thing of the past!


What Clients are saying

TRE Workshop

Thank you for the TRE workshop since doing it I feel so much calmer and centred! To the point that when I was doing meditation and qigong yesterday I actually felt centred when I closed my eyes, for a long time when I closed my eyes it felt as if I was sitting to the right of my spine/body but now I’m centred! I feel taller too! I also went for a mountain bike ride yesterday and this overwhelming sense of calmness that I’ve never felt, I’ve always felt I needed to go faster and faster but yesterday and pace was a good pace, even slow!  I feel that it was a truly life-changing workshop for me, thank you!

– Michael

Sue was able to bring out the deep elements that were blocking my body’s ability to heal

I sought out Sue at one of the lowest points in my life. I couldn’t find anyone who could help me – no doctor or health specialist was able to find me a way forward. Emotionally and physically I felt the closest to death that I have ever been.
Through her techniques, Sue was able to bring out the deep elements that were blocking my body’s ability to heal itself. Each session was a further unwrapping of all the beliefs that were keeping me in a dark place.
My life is quite different now and I can feel excitement for the day and when I fall down, Sue helps me get back up.
I don’t think I would have tried this type of modality if I hadn’t explored many of the more mainstream avenues and found little relief there. It has been an interesting journey for me to see that there are these modalities that work on such an interesting level and that really can create change.

Kind, Gentle and Compassionate

You have helped me so much – so much is locked in our bodies.  You are kind, gentle and compassionate HIGHLY RECOMMEND paying you a visit!

Sue you are amazing!

Omg I was just thinking about you. How amazing was the job you did yesterday. And how much happier we are as a whole family. Thank you so much Sue you are amazing !
My husband never believed in anything like this thing before. Looking at me he was like now I start believing it. It works ?
I’ll definitely comeback for my next session Sue See you till then


The shame and fear are gone.

I was exhausted, stressed and depleted of energy. Within 15 minutes it was as if a huge cloud had lifted. ……The shame and fear are gone and I am now able to move forward with clarity, love and compassion for the person that needs it.

I was really struggling to let it go. After the session, it just didn’t worry me anymore.

Happy Me, Happy Family

Thank you so much, Sue.
What an amazing change made in one visit.
Happy Me Happy Family.
Can’t wait to see you next session.
I will definitely recommend everyone. 


Immediate Relief

I have had 3 energy healing sessions with the fabulous Sue Oliver. I felt immediate relief after the first session, was pain free after weeks of discomfort in my right ankle. After my third session, the pain in my right ankle which I’ve had for 24 years has gone


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