Care For Yourself Weight Loss Program with
Sue Oliver
The Weight Loss Magician

Are you ready to lose weight effortlessly and permanently?

Do you know you have to lose weight for health reasons but don’t know how?

Then this program is for you!

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I know because I’ve been there

As my friends, clients and I began approaching menopause, we knew the drill – inevitable weight gain and changing bodies. There were no counter-narratives. My clients would arrive feeling depressed and helpless, and I wanted to do more than lift them for a while. I wanted to help them fully experience menopause in a different way entirely, mind and body.

I decided to train as a weight loss coach, embracing new techniques and ways of thinking about weight. I thought I was signing up to learn new tools to help my clients. I quickly realised the process we were learning was impacting me. My whole relationship with food, and myself, changed as I:

  • Stopped craving chocolate
  • Healed past experiences
  • Became aware of my own hunger/fullness cues
  • Changed old eating patterns

The Care For Yourself Weight Loss Program will help you:

  • Rapidly change your relationship with food
  • Clear past traumas and experiences specific to your personal story
  • Stop craving foods, emotional eating or bingeing
  • Uncover and release conscious and unconscious reasons your body is holding onto weight
  • Rewire your brain so you lose weight permanently
  • Feel empowered around past sexual assault experiences
  • Breakthrough resistance to exercise and find genuine enjoyment in it
  • Kiss goodbye to the diet mentality
  • Fall in love with yourself again during or after menopause or perimenopause
  • Feel the liberation of being able to wear the clothes you want to wear

I will be your coach, mentor and cheerleader.

I began sharing the techniques with my Energy Healing Clients for a range of issues. My new techniques helped my clients:

  • Stop binge eating and craving
  • Break Depression cycles
  • Enjoy losing weight effortlessly
  • Reframe relationships with exercise so it became pleasurable and achievable
  • Feel excited to finally find a weight loss program that worked on rewiring their brain for permanent change
  • Arrive with smiles again

Finally, I had mind-body techniques that helped my clients and I breeze, even thrive, through menopause. We rewrote the script and recovered the magic of who we were.

I have passed through menopause to love and enjoy my body. I look good and feel good. Now I share that with my clients through my Care For Yourself Weight Loss Program.

My Mission

My mission is to empower and support you to lose weight so you can feel excited about the next part of your life’s journey

Are you ready to lose weight effortlessly and permanently?


If you are ready to invest in yourself, resolve the underlying issues preventing you from losing weight, and live the life you want to live, I am here to work with you.

As easy as these techniques are, you will need to do the work. Whilst it’s effortless, it’s not without discomfort. In my experience, only those who are committed will follow through.

When you have decided you are 100% invested, I am here and ready for you. I will support and encourage you during your weight loss journey. I will be your official supporter and cheerleader to ensure you succeed.

I am 100% ready to commit to a Weight Loss Program

 Video Testimonials

Care for Yourself Weight Loss Program – Testimonial from Vicki

Care for Yourself Weight Loss Program – Testimonial from Simone

Care for Yourself Weight Loss Program – Testimonial from Kathryn

Care for Yourself Weight Loss Program – Testimonial from

Care for Yourself Weight Loss Program – Testimonial from

Care for Yourself Weight Loss Program – Testimonial from Cristina

Hi Sue,

Firstly, thank you – I have had two boxes of Pringles / Chips sitting in the box unopened, and with no desire to eat them.

This was during a stressful time (settling in and moving into my new home) and I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance.


Hi Sue, just jumped on the scales and I’m down 2.5kg! Trying to eat differently plus all the other work / cravings, tapping…. Thanks for your help!


Canberra Australia

I’ve been working with Sue to gently draw to the surface then heal old wounds holding me back from being the real me in my real life. Drinking and smoking was an escape tactic, I’d been using for over 20 years and was terrified of giving them up and feeling again. Sue intuitively guided me through this, particular barrier, in one session! I’d gone to hypnotherapy, the medical route, spent thousands on talk therapy, but working with Sue was the break-through and defining moment. Alcohol and cigarettes do not control me or my feelings anymore.

Thank you dear wonderful Sue



It’s not the first time I’ve attempted to lose weight, but this time is different. What I’ve enjoyed about it, is getting to the core beliefs around food and my body. I hadn’t exercised for two years and now I am exercising regularly and enjoying it. My cravings have changed. I have started looking at my body differently. I have hope and a huge part of me knows that this is working and it’s the last time I’m going to have to do this.

Thank you so much Sue!


Canberra Australia


For many years, I’ve carried a lot of anger about my childhood and found it hard to identify the true underlying trauma that was creating the anger. Sue gently guided me through a tapping experience that shifted the way I saw my stepfather; and I was finally able to release the anger. 

Apart from Sue’s calming and authentic energy, Sue provided me with a safe space, free of judgment, where I felt comfortable being vulnerable, this allowed me to go deep into my trauma, all the while knowing, that I wasn’t alone, that Sue was right there holding that space for me. 

After my first session, I was, hooked. I knew one thing I struggled with was emotional cravings and eating, binging on all the naughty stuff, and drinking way, too much alcohol. Sue asked me to bring the foods I craved the most to our next session. I haven’t touched any of the foods or alcohol since, all the bad cravings are gone. In fact, I’ve only chosen healthy foods and crave water, not alcohol!!.

I can’t thank Sue enough for all the things she’s helped me work through, and the fact the changes occur so quickly. Sue you have changed my life and I’m so, truly, grateful. 


I have been working with Sue and we are focusing on weight loss. It’s amazing how in a few sessions I can noticeably, see my food cravings and habits are starting to change. Sue is very good at what she does and is able to pin, point past events that has helped cause havoc to my weight. I know there is more to work through but I’m very excited for the journey and trust Sue completely.


Hi Sue,

My craving for chocolate is definitely less. I haven’t got chocolates in the house, so not getting tempted, but not getting any cravings either.


Sue Oliver has been working with me to help me to lose weight, using EFT and a few other different tricks she has up her sleeve.  It has been very emotional, but with Sue’s soft nurturing, caring nature it really allows you to let yourself be vulnerable so you can really get into those childhood pains, and be able to understand them on a new level so you can actually release them, so that the old patterns, addictions, beliefs all of that, you are able to just look at and go yeah I don’t want that any more so I would definitely recommend Sue to all my family and friends for anyone who wants to get to the bottom of their childhood healing.


Simone Baron
Sydney Australia

I realised I was starting to develop beliefs around menopause and my body was changing. Sue has helped me to unpack and uncover limiting beliefs. The biggest change I felt was to be at ease with me, my body, and my life. The freedom I have, to step into this new stage of life is wonderful.

Thank you Sue!


Adelaide Australia

I’ve always had a weight, issues from a young age and I would overeat. Food was controlling me. I was an emotional eater. Sue helped me realise that past events in my family were linked to my relationship with food. I was using food to soothe me. Sue is very good at what she does and is able to pin, point past events that has helped cause havoc to my weight. It’s been really, easy, a lot easier than I thought. I’ve had surgery on my stomach and because I didn’t deal with any of the issues the weight just came back on. I know there is more to work through but I’m very excited for the journey and trust Sue completely. 

Canberra Australia

I struggled for as long as I can remember with emotional and binge eating. I would binge mostly in the evenings. I was unhappy with my body. I couldn’t understand why whenever I felt alone I would go for sweet foods and sabotage my diet over, and over again. I would have some success dieting, but it never lasted.

Since working with Sue I’ve realised that I have been using food instead of dealing with my emotions. Now I don’t have the impulse to binge, it has stopped. I can have chocolate in the house, but I don’t want it anymore.

Sue has helped me to heal the cause of my emotional eating.

Thank you Sue



Sue Oliver – The Weight Loss Magician

Certified Tapping For Weight Loss Coach